Canada Today
If you do ask most people in Canada today, or many persons world wide they next would generally agree that they think that the country of Canada is a fair, honest, just country especially compared to the other countries, even especially to the Americans.
The main reason for this seems to be that a negative self perception is still very difficult for most people to do.  So especially most of us Canadians we  would not immediately admit, and not without some more initial thinking the real negative aspects existing in Canada. Negativity is Not a too popular subject especially for the much too many Canadian ostriches too or for most other persons now too.
The only negative thing that most Canadians would seem to immediately agree upon seems to be related to monetary issues, items such as all of the taxes, the  price of gasoline  are too high, and that  all of the politicians in Canada, at the federal, provincial, municipal levels are crooked, dishonest persons, liars, thus the governments are cost ineffective, plus the medical, Hospital services really need to be improved  and that likely most of the pastors, and churches are crooked too.
But upon further reflection it likely would be admitted by too many persons that in Canada -
  1. Most of the tax payer paid  governmental civil and public servants are still looking mainly after themselves and not the after the good welfare of the citizens. There really does needs to be a fair, mutual balance in their accommodating the others though.. of serving self and serving the good welfare of others, citizens. 
  2. The police themselves are really not doing a good job Canada wide  for  the majority of criminals are not apprehended in fact, or thus even prosecuted, or next incarcerated, and this seems to be true even in regard to car thefts, drunk or reckless driving, bad drugs.
  3. The Internal police reviews themselves are generally still too often  a farce, a mere cover up, false denials,  where most of the bad cops rarely even get a slap on the wrist, the RCMP included.
  4. Big business itself, even in the retail business is too often also  guilty of false, misleading advertising, or trade practices, and price gouges the consumers too often as well.
  5. Too many firms, individual persons do not pay their fair share of taxes, rather they are also guilty of tax evasions and they next are rarely really prosecuted, incarcerated by the governments for such wrong acts.
  6. Alcoholism is a major problem Canada wide, even in the work place, both in the private sector but especially in the governmental sectors. Not one cent of the taxpayer's money should even be used to buy any booze.
  7. Bad drug usage, and the manufacturing, distributing  of bad drugs is a serious, heavy problem Canada wide and it  seems to be worse in certain provinces. The province of British Columbia especially which has a high cost of living and also a better climate.
  8. Theft is a major problem, not only car thefts, but persons stealing from retailers, plus home break-ins, and stealing in the work place, where one study had concluded that about 30 percent of the employees steal from their work place, and some favorites still included computers and their accessories, office supplies,etc.,  and many persons they also do falsify their expense accounts too.
  9. Professionals themselves still too often do abuse the existing  laws and athey re rarely prosecuted, including Lawyers, Accountants, Police, Doctors and Realtors  too and their regulating societies are too often pretentious. We all seem to know that the lawyers, and Realtors  themselves are some of the biggest liars, and whatnext  is just as bad  is a Lawyer who becomes a politician or a judge next too.
  10.  And so forth...
So what is the solution to all this of what we seem too readily to next agree is the tip of the Iceberg now too? 
Firstly public exposure and prosecution of the really guilty persons serves the best interest to all and as the major deterrent as well.. and this is a role both for the news media and the too often unpopular whistle blowers.
Secondly the governments do have to insure that Valid Laws both are created, and uniformly, on failure enforced, and the enforcement of these laws require the provision of proper money for the enforcement of the laws. Secondly is still seems that the revenue generating by laws, such as no parking  and no speeding,  still use up most of the police resources and personnel too. We firstly here do have to elect better political representatives and not the much too many liars, alcoholics now as well.
All of our Canadian laws should be applied, enforced now  fairly and  equally in reality today, with uniform prison sentences  applicable to all provinces to all levels of society, the rich , poor, professionals, civil and public servants now  as well and not just to one particularly group including..
  • All persons who do cheat, lie, steal and that includes lying lawyers who lie to the courts  now too they all too should be exposed and prosecuted.
  • All persons who commit major tax evasions they  now too should be exposed and prosecuted.
  • All persons who wrongfully drive a vehicle impaired under the influence of drugs or alcohol they now too should be exposed and prosecuted.
  • All persons who commit acts of violence, or theft possessing a gun, firearm, dangerous weapon now too should be exposed and prosecuted.
  • All Policemen, RCMP included who do abuse the citizens now too should be exposed and prosecuted, and the Police can be sued for negligence over wrongful arrests and convictions.
  • All persons who do still make, distribute bad drugs. or posses them as well now too should be exposed and prosecuted. All bad drug dealers, manufacturers  should be put behind bars
  • All persons who abuse others, including the abuse of children, seniors, handicapped persons now too should be exposed and prosecuted and insure that they all  treated with care and respect.
  • All bullies, terrorists now too should be exposed and prosecuted.
  • All persons who hire their friends and relatives into any government jobs should be fired ASAP too.
All major, repeat offenders, major wrong doers  should be exposed and prosecuted. There should be no isolated exception or the false targeting of a particular group as well..

Interesting.. These two things also tend to not to  work in Canada

Self supervision, self regulation of the professionals, civil and public servants, politicians even  such persons as the Police,  Lawyers, Doctors, Judges Realtors, Pastors.
Deregulation of energy services "Our bills will not go down unless deregulation is gotten rid of," Olson said. "Deregulation doesn't work in our society."
It all apparently has something to do with their own self preservation desires,  their own greed for money and the moral incompetence of the too often poorly skilled managers, and their related bad subordinate  personnel involved..   
But Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty persons, even the bad managers and their subordinates serves as the best deterrent now to all here as well.
Now what about this lying New Conservative Canadian  government holding it's own members also fully accountable for their own wrong doings, lies  now too.
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